Michael and Rachel Wedding Highlight

Park Chateau Estate, East Brunswick NJ

Michael and Rachel Wedding Highlight, Park Chateau Estate, East Brunswick NJ

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Nestled in the timeless beauty of Pleasantdale Chateau, Michael and Rachel's wedding was a true fairytale that come to life. From the elegant ceremony to the grand reception, every detail exuded romance, elegance, and love. Michael and Rachel can now relive their magical day and share it with their loved ones through their exquisitely crafted video. From the dreamy moments to the lively dances, the video captures the essence of their love story, creating a timeless treasure that will be cherished for generations to come. Congratulations to Michael and Rachel on their extraordinary wedding day! May their love story continue to unfold with joy, and may their future be filled with endless love, happiness, and cherished moments.

  • Posted Date: 5/25/2023
  • By: Live Picture Studios Editing Team
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