Palma in New York

New York, NY

Palma in New York, New York, NY

Palma and her husband, Pierre, met in 1987 in New York City. The two instantly fell in love... A first generation Brooklyn Italian girl and a native Parisian boy who spent his best time near the Italian border in Cannes. Together they started D'Orazio Food Events, one of the first photoshoot catering companies, catering to the fashion and entertainment industries. They continued their love story when they opened Palma in 2001, a small 35 seat restaurant. The restaurant thrived as an extension of their home. You could always find their daughters sitting at a table doing homework or running around playing games. This atmosphere extended to their guests, who they host as they would their friends and family. Over the years, their restaurant has grown organically and independently, and all the while Palma's heart has stayed the same. She explains that food nurtures the soul as well as the body. It is essential for her to feed her guests what she would feed her family.

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