Tauron and Mia Wedding Highlight

Wilshire, West Orange NJ

Tauron and Mia Wedding Highlight, Wilshire, West Orange NJ

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Music licensed from songfreedom.com

Tauron and Mia are a match made in heaven! They are bright, funny, so loving! Their love for each other permeates everyone and everything around them, inspiring others on what true love and devotion is. Their family and friends adore them and when you see them together, the starts in the sky light up. So many years, experiences and adventures together have led up to this beautiful moment. Surrounded with their closest family, friends, they celebrated into the night at The Wilshire Grand Hotel, West Orange, NJ. We were so excited to help capture

  • Posted Date: 2/26/2020
  • By: Live Picture Studios Editing Team
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