The Surf Club On The Sound in New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY

Anthony Martello, born and bred in the Bronx, is well known as a prominent and popular businessman. Mr. Martello’s long and successful history as a General Contractor, Designer and Developer has earned him great respect among his peers both in the Bronx and in Westchester where he and his family reside. Mr. Martello is well aware that in the past few years the stellar reputation of The Surf Club On The Sound has deteriorated. There have been clients who have been disappointed in the arrangements and services that were provided and reviews have been, quite honestly, awful. Mr. Martello is determined to turn that reputation around. This is part of the reason that he felt compelled to take over ownership. Mr. Martello has a great love for this facility because his company built the original Surf Club nearly 25 years ago. In 2009 he stepped in to complete a massive renovation that transformed the look of the interior. Now he continues to upgrade every aspect of the establishment including menus, staff, interior and exterior facades, lighting and landscaping. Mr. Martello has hand chosen the all new Management Team with each person having over 25 years’ experience in the banquet business. Mr. Martello’s main goal will always be for The Surf Club on the Sound to fulfill each and every client’s expectations when trusting us with their most special and important occasions. Every event will be treated with great care and attention. The Surf Club On The Sound…. New Owners, New Management and a New Respect for YOU.

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