The Lace Factory in Deep River, Deep River, CT

Beginning as a local shipbuilding yard, then dockage for the ivory being delivered to local piano factories, Deep River Landing has a long history as a center of activity. Constructed in 1875, the building that came to house “The Lace Factory” with its landmark chimney has become an integral part of the picturesque location at the edge of the Connecticut River. Now, the Deep River Landing offers a gazebo park with picnic area and boat launch. Kayakers, boaters, fishermen, jet skiers and hunters alike gather throughout the year for direct access to the river. It is home port to the Becky Thatcher Riverboat. An over the water viewing deck offers the opportunity to see eagles soaring on a crisp clear day or to fish just about any time. Train enthusiasts young and old can be awed by the Essex Steam Train steamily chugging by only feet away. The Deep River Landing hosts an occasional public concert, wedding or special get together and continues to be an attraction for both locals and visitors to the area. Located at the heart of Deep River Landing, The Lace Factory is a destination unto itself, complimenting the existing attractions and adding more enjoyment to the Landing.

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