Our Lady of the Magnificat in Miller Rd Kinnelon, Miller Rd Kinnelon, NJ
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Our Lady of the Magnificat Parish, like so many others, had an interesting beginning. Eighty acres of land were bequeathed to the Diocese of Paterson in 1952 by Henry Wise Miller and his second wife, Audrey Frazier, specifically for a future parish in Kinnelon. At that time there were three stone cottages on the property and Henry was in the midst of constructing a Chapel in honor of his first wife, Alice Duer, a columnist, screen writer and poet who’s most famous poem is The White Cliffs (of Dover). As a young man during World War I, Henry served with the Red Cross in England. Being a devout Anglican, he frequented an Anglican chapel located at the Cotswolds edge in this parish ofHarescombe, Gloucester, England. That chapel intrigued him so much that many years after the war; he began to construct a chapel in Kinnelon which resembled that 13th century original. While showing the design of the chapel to Bishop James A. McNulty of the Diocese of Paterson, Henry told the Bishop that he had a devotion to Our Lady and he especially liked her Canticle, The Magnificat. The Bishop suggested that the chapel be called Our Lady of the Magnificat. Bishop McNulty dedicated the chapel on July 2, 1954, assisted by Msgr. Joseph M. O’Sullivan. Shortly thereafter, Henry died and the first funeral Mass held in the chapel was for Henry on Sept. 15, 1954. He is buried in the parish cemetery. Visit our website to read more.

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