Leonards Palazzo

Great Neck, NY

Leonards Palazzo, Great Neck, NY
Website: http://www.leonardspalazzo.com

On your wedding day, there’s truly only one place worthy enough for you to take the stage: Leonard’s Palazzo. You’ve dreamt about this day for decades, and since you’ve gotten engaged, the lofty visions of your vows have started to materialize in a magical day at Leonard’s Palazzo. Whether you’ve imagined a fairy tale experience tying the knot or wished for a more red carpet-worthy, star-studded celebration, you’ll find every version of your fantasy when you arrive at your venue. You’ll be welcomed to your palace by white-gloved doormen, and whisked away to a lobby that glistens with crystal chandeliers. We’d say that your next stop is a heavenly, Hollywood-level green room, but even that doesn’t do our bridal suite justice. It’s more like a room ripped straight out of “A Thousand and One Nights.” Once the “I Dos” are done, and you’re married at last, you’ll hear tinkling glasses and know that Cocktail Hour – your Golden Hour – is about to start. From the classic cocktails to the trendy signature sips, the drinks that you and your guests can take to toast with are perfectly and creatively crafted by our gifted mixologists. And what goes better with bright, ambrosial aperitifs than a stunning selection of sweet and savory starters prepared by our award-winning master chef? And now you’re raring up for your reception, anxiously waiting for your emcee to announce your names and your newly-minted newlywed status and looking forward to an unforgettable feast born out of some of the best minds in the culinary world. You’ll look around at your family and friends, as you’re dancing to “your song,” and you’ll finally understand what everyone meant when they said, “bask in that bliss.” It’s here, you’re here, and we’re incredibly happy and honored to have you.

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